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ACT WorkKeys - Scale Score Interpretation Guide Author: ACT Inc. Created Date: 8/20/2020 10:48:06 AM

For additional assistance please call WorkKeys @ … If you have taken WorkKeys assessments, write your score for each skill in the My WorkKeys Skill Level column. JOB PROFILES SEARCH SUMMARY Job 1 Job2 3 Occupation Title O*NET-SOC Code Median Income $$$ Job Growth + or - % WorkKeys® Skill Infor- mation Median WorkKeys Skill Level My WorkKeys Skill ACT WorkKeys assessments measure the cognitive and non-cognitive skills needed for success in the workforce. Students take the Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Locating Information tests. Based on the scores attained on the three assessments, students may be eligible to earn a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Certificate.

Workkeys scores

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How To Understand Scores For The Test. A WorkKeys Score Report may show a score of “<3”. This means that the student has scored 2,1, or 0 points on this particular test. The recommended estimated scores are provided to help employers use WorkKeys® as one aspect of evaluating candidates for hire and do not meet EEOC guidelines for requiring WorkKeys® scores in the hiring process. Employers interested in requiring WorkKeys® scores as part of their hiring may contact TalentNEO for more information. WorkKeys scale scores, which range from 65–90, are transformed to level scores with a maximum of 7. The average Applied Math score of 79.3 falls in the level 4 range (76–79), the average Workplace Documents score of 78.9 falls in the level 4 range (77–80), and average Graphic Literacy score of 78.5 falls in the level 5 range (78–81 3) Math Placement test scores demonstrating that you place into Math 65/70 or higher.

You can also purchase practice tests from ACT WorkKeys. For a transcript of your WorkKeys assessment scores, please call 1-800-967-5539, or visit the website 

When taking ACT WorkKeys assessments on paper, students must enter the five match criteria completely and accurately. The match criteria are: first name, last name, month of birth, day of birth, and examinee ID (PowerSchool number). Students also must accurately grid their form code on their paper answer documents.

2021-04-14 · WorkKeys is a system of assessments and curriculum that build and measure essential workplace skills that can affect your job performance and increase opportunities for career changes and advancement. By completing the assessments, students can earn the National Career Readiness Certificate® (NCRC®). With ACT WorkKeys, your school can:

Applicants interested in participating in the BUD program must take the WorkKeys test and score at least a 5 on both the Applied Mathematics and Workplace Documents tests. 2 days ago Once complete, ACT WorkKeys scores remain eligible for submission in the current or future application cycles. Should an applicant choose to retest, there is a limit of two attempts per assessment per application cycle. Register online for the ACT WorkKeys assessments by following this link to BPCC’s Testing Center’s online registration. 2021-04-14 · Take an ACT WorkKeys score report or ACT WorkKeys NCRC to a job interview to show the employer they have the skills needed for the job.

WorkKeys scores range from 1 to 7, with 1 being low and 7 being high. Read more about WorkKeys scores.
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Workkeys scores

Employers use job profiling to determine which skills are required for a job, and the level of each skill needed to perform the job successfully. Level Scores for WorkKeys tests for which Scale Scores are available.

Individual Score Report: provides information about your scores and what it means to be at that skill level. Individual Score vs. Profile Report: used to show a comparison of a required skill level with the skill level the examinee achieved. You will receive your test results upon completion of the exam.
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Your score is determined by the number of questions answered correctly. There is no penalty for guessing. The Level Scores describe the skills you have achieved and can apply on the job or in training. After taking the assessments, you will receive a score report. If you take the ACT WorkKeys assessments on a

Level scores are based on WorkKeys job profiles—a snapshot of the skills needed for a particular job. You may be required to make a certain score on a WorkKeys® test to gain or keep a job. Some high schools also use the test to gauge student readiness for the workplace. But passing this test will also earn certification that can help you in a job search. The first six WorkKeys are similar to standard tests, where you receive a score between 0 and 7. The final two, Fit and Talent, don’t have correct answers like regular tests, but are instead meant to help the test-takers (and potentially their teachers/bosses) determine their strengths and weaknesses and see examples of careers that might be the best fit for them. © 2021 by ACT, Inc. All rights reserved.

Step 4: Select the “P” to make your score viewable and agree to the terms and conditions. Step 5: Click on the “Public Share URL” to print a transcript of your score. Share the “Public Share URL” to make it viewable to others. For additional assistance please call WorkKeys @ 1-800-967-5539 or attend an open lab at PCC.

Applicants interested in participating in the BUD program must take the WorkKeys test and score at least a 5 on both the Applied Mathematics and Workplace Documents tests. You will receive your test results upon completion of the exam. The first copy of your score report is free. However, if you lose these results and we have to retrieve them from the WorkKeys database at a later date, there will be a $5 charge for this service.

WorkKeys test questions are based on situations in the everyday work world. Employers across the country require the WorkKeys assessments or recommend that applicants acquire the National Career Readiness Certificate. Your ACT WorkKeys scores will determine what level of certificate you are eligible to earn. View Larger Bronze - scores at least a level 3 in each of the three core areas and has the necessary foundational skills for 16 percent of the jobs in the WorkKeys database their WorkKeys scores. The scoring summary is commonly used by educators and administrators to document student Level Scores: Employers use level scores to decide who to hire and promote. Level scores are based on WorkKeys job profiles—a snapshot of the skills needed for a particular job. Login: User Name: * Password: * Remember me next time.